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LOVE YOURSELF. Come back to your center to flow in the uncertainty and open yourself to new beginnings.

We invite you to a unique and transforming experience, a weekend just for you, to feel supported and nurtured, to shift your perspective.

FEMENINA is a gift. Self-knowledge from the Feminine perspective.

We are in a process of individual and collective transformation, the earth is shifting. Our pillars are shaking because the structures and systems we have been used to be identified with are becoming weaker and unstable. Feminine energy is naturally taking a critical role in guiding humanity thanks to their inner enlightening and loving energy. As women we are a symbol of light for the entire universe.

We invite you to share a unique and healing experience. This workshop is designed to too heal patterns that keep us from improving our personal relationships, accomplishing our goals and to let go of the fear that hinders us from moving with the constant flow and change present in all forms of nature and life. This is a space to connect with the wisdom that is inside your cells, to reevaluate your current situation from a balanced, heart center. At the end of September give yourself a gift of the opportunity to heal and share with other women in a truly transformative experience.

Through Essential Movements Familiar Constellations, Dance, Guided Meditations, Gestalt Techniques, New Family Constellations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we will enjoy a journey of self-knowledge in deep contact with nature, accompanied by a healthy and locally sourced vegetarian diet of only ECOLOGICAL products. Zero waste.

FEMENINA is a that time you give to yourself. To reconnect with the wisdom of your being, your own identity and create a strong network while enjoying the support from the female community. This union and shift of paradigm will help us to heal the relationship with our gender and redefine the value of being a woman from a position of our natural powerful essence.

We will work to raise our energy on a physical and emotional level and align ourselves with the best version of ourselves during these times of great change and uncertainty. The time is now.

We will meet soon !! 

We will come from the shadow by understanding of our current limitations, to forgive, integrate and transcend repetitive patterns, healing relationships. We will integrate dense experiences and emotions such as anxiety, sadness, or anger. Be coming aware of the information that is locked into our various emotional states. The key will be nurturing this awareness of this information, from where it comes from and why, and then transform it into useful and powerful transformative, healthy energy!

The second part of the work will focus on honest and deep empowerment, by reconnecting with our power through our natural, personal gifts that we were born with. We will perform Sacred Rituals through the arts and dance, resonating with the ancestral information that is present in each of us.

The OBJECTIVE of this work is to reconnect with our essence, authenticity and our personal gifts, to align ourselves with our Life Purpose. We will work with the body, unblocking creative energy, and enjoying our feminine essence, sowing a seed of transformation in our lives.

Another one of the principal objectives is the creation of an International Network of Women thru support, collaborations and an exchange of the unique information present in each and everyone of us. These connections are now more important than ever. They are based on sisterhood and respect for our diversity, helped by the impulse of our purposes of transformation thru enjoying, dancing and celebrating life.

Through the integration of the Cosmo-vision of Native Ancestral Cultures and western systemic techniques, a space of consciousness is created for personal and group investigation, reconnecting with the ancestral feminine wisdom. This meeting has been created thanks to the support and collaboration between women and their knowledge. It gathers the wisdom and experience of all the FEMENINA encounters around the world, Barcelona, Berkley California, Brooklyn NY, New Jersey (USA), Hamburg (EU), Bishkek Kyrguistan (ASIA) among others, and Malaga every year !! All with magnificent results.

Reconnect with the divinity in yourself.

Your presence is important!



FEMENINA EQUINOX September 23, 24 & 25 September 2022

Transformative experiences. 300 / 350 e All included. 

Includes ECO food , Vegetarian. Includes all activities, talks, New Family Constellations, NLP Strategic Plan for Personal Development.

**Respecting current regulations and protocol to keep us all safe  /  Spaces are Limited.

Save your spaces with your reserve

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Upcoming Events 2022

  • FEMENINA EQUINOX , Salinas MALAGA Lunar Retreat 23, 24 & 25 September 2022.
  • FEMENINA CANARIAS November  2022 Tenerife, Islas Canarias.
  • JUNGLE RETREAT January 2023 Colombia. Ask for info.