Integrative Therapy


Integrative Techniques, Gestalt, Familliar Constellations. Self-knowledge.

Just connect with yourSelf !


Providing excellent changes in Life Style.
Reconnect with Yourself, Women Community and Mother Earth. Healing old repetitive patterns, emotions such as sadness, rage and pain, which just need to be understood before they can be transformed.

This Transformative Experiential Workshop is recommended for women who are interested in improved Self Esteem, Holistic Health, Personal Development and Introspection or the Self-actualization Process. All supported by Healing Techniques, Essential Movements and Therapeutic exercises. This experiences are based on creating a safe environment, rooted on earth connection and psychological group support. We will work through the healing of  memories and the expression of blocked energy through Breath Exercises, Movement Healing and Deep Self Expression, facilitating our healthy development.

This is about Real Women Empowerment. We all together !! All of the energy from deep therapeutic processes that arises in this work can be intentionally focused in the right direction to stimulate us towards our Purpose. Learning how to create our own daily rituals and our reality.

There is more than one path leading to life after life,
There is more than one path to love,
There is more than one path to find the other half of the self in an other human being,
There is more than one way to fight the enemy.

– A female Nootka –




Maria Pedraz with more than 11 years of experience in many different therapeutic processes, from social integration, to prisons and an extended experience in scientific research. Doctor of Psychopharmacology, Gestalt therapist (GATLA), specialist in New Family Constellations, integrates Western thought and ideas with knowledge from Native American communities, Moon Dancer and working with sacred plants and medicine. Through the integration of the native cosmovision of ancestral cultures and western systematic techniques, Maria holds a space for personal and group research on the evolution of consciousness while reconnecting with our ancestral wisdom.
FEMENINA has been held in California, New York City, Hamburg, Barcelona, and Kyrgyzstan. All with magnificent results !!


Self-Knowledge The Art of Living


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