Femenina : HAMBURG 2018

The truth is that FEMENINA WORKSHOP has helped me to get out of a circle of pain, jealousy and frustration that I was having a hard time getting out of.
I feel more connected to myself. More with my essence …
I would like to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, for me it was a big jump …
I am very glad to have met you, to have met everyone else there and to have been able to have this experience.
Thank you very much Maria.
I remember a was very emotional moment when we sat on our hands together all in a circle … I will carry it with me forever

Experiencial Workshop : MALAGA

Throughout the time that has passed since that day, I have told many people about what I experienced and how surprising it seemed to me that I could enter such a “trip” only from a workshop, techniques such as Breathing, remembrance and a guide.

It seemed to me something very powerful that allows us to release certain cystic emotions, become aware of the resistance to let go of our patterns, channel energies that are bigger than us, that we have even inherited and that overflow us.

I realized that there are cultural behavioral patterns. Although deep down they all look a like because we are all human.

It makes me laugh to remember it and I feel satisfaction and pride in thinking that many people are in this courageous process of facing everything that prevents us from growing and being happy.

This experience is an important part of the path that leads to freedom, health and consciousness. Thanks Maria. #Experimentaelcambiospain

Femenina : MALAGA 2018

It is a unique experience, of  special union with other women who bring and make you feel their strength, and at the same time, an individual experience that opens a small window into yourself for you to look inside.