Route to the Heart of the Jungle:  Putumayo

If you are looking for a different trip, away from the noise. If you want to visit a place conducive to inner reflection. If you want to free yourself from the addictions produced by consumption and start a process of physical, mental and spiritual healing, we offer you a trip to the “Putumayo: Route to the heart of the jungle”.

In these Amazonian lands you can enjoy the tranquility of nature, the warmth of its people, the ancestral wisdom of Taita Humberto Díaz, traditional doctor of the Cofán people, who will provide us with the medicine of the Yagé, as well as other natural, traditional remedies and healings.

Putumayo Profundo is an integral route that combines ancestral medicine, alternative therapies and ecological walks, in order to contribute to the physical and spiritual healing of the Person, under the guidance of Taita Humberto Díaz, a traditional doctor, and his incredible team. After 7 days of withdrawal, the Person will achieve enough peace of mind to embark on a new path in his life.


Provide a service of physical and spiritual healing to patients to undertake a new life, with love, peace and harmony.

Specific Objectives:

  • Raise awareness to learn to live in peace and harmony with our surroundings.
  •  Offer options for the release of addictions, attachments, traumas and personal fears.
  •  Help spread the ancestral culture of the Amazonian peoples as alternative health path.

In these retreats we will work for 7 days, making diets, work with sacred plants and ancestral healing techniques, according to the needs of each person.

The whole process will be accompanied by Maria Pedraz, Doctor of Psychopharmacology and substances (UCM), psychologist and integral therapist. The objective is that this process will be practical as possible and applied in life, favoring a real change for greater balance and responsibility of the person at the turn of this transformative experience.

The family of the Cofán, Kofán or A’i is an Amerindian town that inhabits the northwest of the Amazon on the border between Colombia and the affluent area of ​​the Putumayo River. In the province of Sucumbíos. Its territory is distributed throughout it.

Their ancestral knowledge and understanding of the cosmos is beautiful and very deep in their awareness and understanding of healing. In this community, knowledge is transmitted based on the fact that the universe was created in the primordial time by Chiga, who “was always there”.

In the present time they distinguish the celestial plane, where the stars live; the terrestrial plant, where the forest, the river and the mountain are, where the cucuya must be respected, powerful beings like the jaguar or the boa; and the underground plane. For the Cofán, education and culture are based on four pillars: the thinking of the elders, the native languages, the sacred plants and the norms and values ​​of the culture.

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